Promoting Land

For the landowner, obtaining planning permission can be an expensive and protracted process; the current planning system is often bureaucratic and under-resourced. With increased public and media focus and greater involvement from parish councils, neighbourhood planning groups and residents, success can be elusive. We act for landowners by managing and funding the process on their behalf.

The UK housing sector faces enormous challenges; we are still not building enough homes to sustain our growing population. This scarcity leads to price inflation and reduced standards. With a continuing supply and demand imbalance it is essential we expedite the release of suitable development land.

We understand that new development can be unpopular; mundane architecture and generic landscaping do little to enhance a sense of place. Local communities work hard to block planning applications and many developers resort to appeals to get their proposals through. The result is a process that serves nobody particularly well.

High-quality design is welcomed by local residents and potential buyers alike. Our challenge is to address the housing shortfall without compromising existing settlements by creating places where people want to live, endorsed by the communities that shaped them.

Before beginning a new project we engage with local stakeholders and spend time considering the best approach to each site. We believe that active collaboration and high-quality architecture provide the best development solutions; not only for our clients, but for the community as a whole.

How we work...

“Land promotion has many advantages for landowners: involvement without financial risk, the ability to influence development proposals and an experienced partner incentivised to achieve results...”

  • Ethos

    We are a dedicated team backed by a trusted group of consultants. All our projects are run by the directors and decisions are made quickly. We believe that better design means better results. By combining an open and honest approach with quality and innovation, we can maximise the value of your land.

  • Experience

    The planning system is complex and expensive and it is essential to navigate it with care. Our long experience in the land and planning sector is invaluable to our clients - we have spent the majority of our careers negotiating with planners, councillors and local interest groups. We remain consistently active in the local planning process - monitoring emerging policies and taking an active part in local plan preparation.

  • Results

    Our very first project resulted in a delegated permission and we were commended by the parish council for our open-minded and considered approach to planning. Active engagement works; convincing the local community meant a quicker return for the landowner and both sides benefitted. We continue to apply the same methods to all our projects.

The Process

What we look for...

  • Urban or village land, typically paddocks or farmland with road access and adjacent to existing towns and villages
  • Brownfield Land – typically redundant industrial or commercial premises (with or without buildings)
  • In-fill sites (land between existing built-up frontages) in villages and towns
  • Sites with or without previous planning history
  • Site Size – anything is considered but generally over 3 acres preferred for promotion projects
  • Sites for potential Senior Living schemes, typically 1-5 acres
Land Enquiries
Example site that we look for

Where we work...

Our areas of operation map showing counties of the U.K